How to Clean Different Types of Floors

Flooring is an essential part of the interior of every house. The right flooring contributes to the beauty, cosiness, functionality and comfort of every home. We want to be able to enjoy our floors for a long time and make sure they can withstand all the common issues in a household that can occur with time and cause wear and tear and other imperfections. In addition, it is important to keep our floors extra clean not just because we want to ensure they are hard-wearing and long-lasting but also because a clean floor is an equivalent of a clean house free of bacteria, viruses, and allergens. Every type of flooring requires its own and specific method for keeping it shiny and clean. Therefore, today we present you with a short but helpful overview of different types of flooring and the different cleaning methods they need.

Clean Laminate Flooring

Laminate floors are among the easiest to keep clean and in perfect condition for a long time. Thanks to the fact laminate are not made out of real wood materials, it can be cleaned with water without getting damaged. However, simply vacuuming and dusting is more than enough for a daily or even weekly maintenance. In case there are stubborn stains on your laminate floor and you need to do a more thorough cleaning, you can mop the floor. However, stay away from soap-based detergents and cleaning products as they will leave a dull film on the surface of your laminate floor. Instead, use cleaning products that are designed for laminate flooring.

Clean Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are another type of hard flooring that is easy to clean and keep shiny. You can use water on ceramic tiles and they won’t get damaged. The minimal upkeep and maintenance that ceramic tiles need to make them a perfect choice for people with a busier lifestyle and for big families with pets. All your ceramic tiles will need for perfect cleaning is simply sweeping them and then cleaning them with a mild detergent before rinsing them with clean water. Steam cleaning is another effective method for thorough cleaning of ceramic tiles. You can opt for a cleaning product that is designed for ceramic tiles in particular, but never use wax on them because they will become extra slippery.

Clean Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is one more type of flooring that does not require complex and time-consuming maintenance and cleaning routine. You can either sweep your vinyl flooring with a broom with soft bristles or you can vacuum the floor. Then, you can wipe up the dirt build-up and stubborn dirt with a mop and a mild detergent or a cleaning product that is designed for vinyl flooring. Rinse with clean water after you are done mopping.

Clean Real Wood Flooring

Now, real wood flooring is extra beautiful and extra-durable, however, it requires a bit more specific cleaning routine. This does not mean that you need to invest all your time, energy, money, and a lot of elbow grease in keeping your wooden floor extra clean and flawless, however, you will need to consider more unique upkeep. First of all, when dusting the wooden floor you need to use a broom or a brush with soft bristles or the special attachment of your vacuum machine that is designed for hard surfaces in order to avoid leaving scuff marks and scratches on the surface of the floor. When mopping your floor, never use excess water, you need just a slightly damp mop since water and real wood are not best friends and water damage is a thing when it comes to real wood flooring. When choosing a cleaning product for your wooden floor, make sure to pick one that is designed for wood flooring in particular. This type of products come with a neutral pH that is gentle enough to the finish and won’t damage it while it will effectively remove stubborn dirt and stains.

Clean Stone Flooring

Keeping your stone floor clean is not that hard at all. However, keep in mind that stone can get stained permanently, therefore you need a resin sealant to protect the surface of your stone floor. Once the floor is protected with a layer of resin sealant, you can vacuum it thoroughly and mop it with a mild detergent to keep it extra clean.

Clean Carpet

Carpets tend to collect and trap a lot of dust and allergens. Therefore, make sure to vacuum your carpet floor as often as possible. However, daily vacuuming is not enough to keep the carpet extra clean. Therefore, you are recommended to hire a professional carpet cleaning service every few months for a thorough and extra deep cleaning of your carpet. In case you spot a stain on your carpet floor, go down on your knees and scrub it away with the help of a cleaning product that is designed for carpet cleaning only.

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