Clean Machine

Bedec were the innovators of water-based paint effects. These items are now standard and reproduced throughout the industry. The company have a highly experienced team of chemists who firmly believe in developing superior coatings that meet the demands of the modern world, with durability, ease of use and without harming the environment. They have now developed a new generation of outstanding quality water based paint to take us into the new milennium.

MSP is a water based paint that resists flaking or peeling because of its outstanding flexibility. It will go straight over most other paints and varnishes including weathered Tar Varnish, Bitumen and Creosote. It is non-yellowing and it cleans up with water. It does not need a primer, except on ferrous metals - (use BEDEC Gold Metal Primer) or where staining may occur - (use BEDEC Silver Stain Block). It does not need an undercoat. It can be used inside, outside and in the garden.