Here at Vivantage we are able to offer VAT exemption on healthcare, mobility and incontinence products that specifically aid disability or severe injury, if they are being purchased either for personal use or by a registered charity. Products are marked as being VAT exempt by the manufacturer, whose guidelines we are required to follow. You will not be eligible for VAT relief if you are buying goods for business or institutional use, e.g. in a clinic or care home.

Prices on these items are now listed as Ex. VAT only. Items which are not included under this rules, such as healthcare items and VAT inclusive items will continue to be shown with both Ex. and Inc.

Products that are VAT exempt will be clearly marked as such on the website. During the checkout process, before payment, you will be asked to complete our VAT exemption declaration. If the products are for personal or domestic use, the name and address of the user will be required.